Direct acting pressure reducing valve
Product model:W030/W050
        Juhan Valve's W030 / W050 direct-acting pressure reducing valve is a newly designed pressure reducing product for water supply in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and other buildings. This type of pressure reducing valve can reduce the high inlet water pressure, reduce the pressure to the pressure suitable for the user, provide the user with the maximum flow of the use environment, and can open several water equipment at the same time. 
Product Highlights
        The inlet end of the valve has a filter structure and an internal pressure balance design, which senses the pressure change on the outlet side, is sensitive in response, accurate in pressure adjustment, and has a large flow without any noise and vibration.

        This valve is a direct diaphragm actuated balanced internal structure, which can accurately and sensitively adjust the valve pressure at the outlet end, with a large water output and no noise. The inlet of the valve has a detachable filter design, which can eliminate garbage and debris in the pipe. Ke directly removes the clean filter. Maintenance and cleaning can be performed directly on the pipeline without removing the entire valve.
Product parameters
Working pressure level: PN10 / 10K
Temperature and medium: 0 ° C ~ 80 ° C
If there are other operating temperatures or media, please contact the factory.
Interface type and standard: thread connection, standard is PF / PT / NPT
relevant information
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