Maintenance of hydraulic control valves
Published:2020-03-13 16:28 Author:admin
        A filter should be installed before the hydraulic control valve, and it should be easy to drain.
        The hydraulic control valve is a self-lubricating valve body that uses water, without the need for additional oil lubrication. If the parts inside the main valve are damaged, please disassemble according to the following instructions. (Note: Generally, the damaged products in the inner valve are the diaphragm and ○ ring, and the other internal parts are rarely damaged.)
        1. Close the front and rear gate valves of the main hydraulic control valve first.
        2. Loosen the piping connector screw on the main hydraulic control valve cover to release the pressure in the valve.
        3. Remove all screws, including the nut of the necessary copper tube in the control line.
        4. Take the hydraulic control valve bonnet and spring.
        5. Remove the shaft core, diaphragm, piston, etc., and do not damage the diaphragm.
        6. After taking out the above items, check whether the diaphragm and O-ring are damaged; if there is no damage, please do not separate the internal parts.
        7. If the diaphragm or O-ring of the hydraulic control valve is found to be damaged, loosen the nut on the shaft core, decompose the diaphragm or the ring, and replace it with a new diaphragm or O-ring. .
        8. Check the hydraulic control valve seat, shaft core, etc. of the main valve for damage in detail. If there are other debris inside the main valve, clean it out.
        9. Install the main part valve after replacement in the reverse order. Pay attention that the valve cannot be blocked.
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