Analysis of the current market situation of China's valve manufacturing industry in 2019
Published:2020-03-13 16:28 Author:admin
        The valve is a control component in the fluid delivery system, and has functions such as cut-off, regulation, diversion, prevention of backflow, voltage stabilization, shunting, or pressure relief. Valves for fluid control systems range from the simplest shut-off valves to the various valves used in extremely complex automatic control systems. Valves can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, muds, oils, liquid metals and radioactive media.
        Valves can be divided into industrial control valves and civilian valves. Industrial control valves are mainly used to adjust process parameters such as medium flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level in the field of industrial automation process control. According to different classification standards, industrial control valves can be divided into different types:
        (1) According to the regulation form, it can be divided into regulating type, cutting type, regulating cutting type;
        (2) According to the material of the valve body, it can be divided into metal type, non-metal type, and metal valve body lining type;
        (3) According to the driving mode, it can be divided into electric type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type and manual type;
        (4) According to the temperature range, it can be divided into ultra-low temperature valve, low temperature valve, normal temperature valve, intermediate temperature valve, high temperature valve;
        (5) According to the pressure range, it can be divided into vacuum valve, low pressure valve, medium pressure valve, high pressure valve and ultra high pressure valve.
        It is expected that in the next few years, with the rapid development of our economy and the improvement of industrial automation, the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and the state's continued investment in oil and gas, petrochemical, environmental protection, power, metallurgy and other fields, China controls The overall size of the valve market will maintain rapid growth.
        Among the global market demand for industrial valves, the petroleum and natural gas fields, including drilling, transportation and petrochemicals, account for the highest proportion, reaching 37.40%, followed by the demand in the field of energy, power and chemicals, which account for 21.30% of the global industrial valve market demand and 11.50%, the total market demand in the first three major areas accounted for 70.20% of the total market demand. In the field of domestic industrial valve applications, the chemical, energy, and oil and gas industries are also the most important markets for valve sales. The market demand for their valves accounts for 25.70%, 20.10%, and 14.70% of the total domestic market demand for industrial valves, respectively. It accounts for 60.50% of the total market demand.
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